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Patients card

Manage visits and appointments
the patient's corresponding
information record.

Diets by pathology

Take advantage of the extensive
of diets for each type of condition,
constantly updated.

New types of diets, no limit on the number of meals.

Unlimited meal number, diets with substitutions for 1, 2, 5, 7 days. Import of all diets made in the new format. New examples of diet.

Lavori meglio se hai tutto sott’occhio

In the center, there are meals for the day, week or entire diet (viewed by day, meal or as a summary) to work with. On the right, there's an expandable panel for searching, comparing and selecting alternatives. Underneath that is a panel with constantly updated value analysis.

The diet from every point of view..

The composition of the diet is easier since you can work on individual meals, day by day, or on all the meals of a week or the entire diet. Copying and pasting meals, an entire day speeds up the formulation of the meal plan.

Search, insert, and move foods with ease.

The program helps you search for the desired food in various ways (categories, favorites, tags, etc.). Adding it to the meal plan is done using only the keyboard or mouse (dragging or double-clicking), and reordering is intuitive.

View of macro and micro while compiling the diet.

Clear understanding of the energy contribution, macro and micronutrients of main foods and alternatives. The updated summary can focus on a single meal, a day or an entire diet.

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Nuovi tipi di dieta, nessun limite nel numero pasti

Unlimited meal number, diets with substitutions for 1, 2, 5, 7 days. Import of all diets made in the new format. New examples of diet.

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Lavori meglio se hai tutto sott’occhio

Al centro i pasti del giorno, della settimana o di tutta la dieta (vista per giorno, per pasto o compatta) su cui lavorare, a destra il pannello espandibile per la ricerca, il confronto, la scelta delle alternative, sotto il pannello con l’analisi dei valori sempre aggiornata.

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The diet from every point of view.

Grazie alla partnership con FitYourOutfit, attraverso la scansione di una singola immagine laterale del soggetto, hai la possibilità di ottenere la sua composizione corporea in modo innovativo rapido ed economico.

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Search, insert, and move foods with ease.

Il programma ti aiuta nella ricerca dell’alimento desiderato in vario modo (categorie, preferiti, tag, ..). L’inserimento nel piano alimentare avviene con il solo uso della tastiera o del mouse (trascinamento o doppio click) ed il riordinamento è intuitivo

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View of macro and micro while compiling the diet.

Chiara visione dell’apporto energetico, dei macro e micro nutrienti degli alimenti principali e delle alternative. Il riepilogo  aggiornato ad ogni variazione, può focalizzarsi sul pasto, sul giorno o sulla intera dieta

dishes and recipes

New - dishes and recipes.

The new section Dishes/Recipes replaces the old Recipes section. Recipes can be displayed and searched in list or card mode.

new integration

Analyze body composition from a simple photograph.

Starting today, we will be distributing FitYourOutfit credits to our clients. By scanning a single side image of the subject, you have the opportunity to obtain their body composition in an innovative, fast and cost-effective way.

new integration


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