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Legal notices

The Service is intended exclusively for professionals qualified in medical and nutritional disciplines. The Client expressly declares to have the necessary professional qualifications and medical knowledge to use the Service to provide third parties with nutritional consultations, prepare diets and perform subsequent clinical monitoring. It is prohibited to use this Service, both personally and to provide nutrition consultations to third parties, by individuals who do not possess the necessary professional qualifications. Microring is not required to verify the actual existence of the necessary professional qualifications on the part of the Client and cannot be held responsible, in any case, for any damage or prejudice caused by the Client to third parties due to the use of this Service in violation of these provisions. This Service aims at providing support for individuals equipped with necessary licenses/qualifications in preparing diets for their patients, as well as monitoring them. It does not automatically generate diets or monitor their effects on patients; professionals must always assess whether a diet developed using this service is suitable for each individual patient based on his/her medical history and current health