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FitYourOutfit (FYO)

FitYourOutfit (FYO)

Integrabile con qualsiasi licenza di EasyDietWeb, FitYourOutfit, attraverso la scansione di una singola immagine laterale del soggetto,
ti dà la possibilità di ottenere la sua composizione corporea in modo innovativo, rapido ed economico.

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A validated,
fast and cost-effective methodology.

FitYourOutfit® is the new ACCURATE, FAST, ECONOMICAL
and VALIDATED method for analyzing and teleanalyzing body composition, through scanning a single side image of the subject
using their own smartphone, tablet or any digital photographic device.

Integrated within FitYourOutfit® MANAGEMENT, it allows professionals or centers to perform processing and monitoring
of body changes, essential to engage the patient/client
in conscious evaluation of their own state of well-being and health.


› Volume of Body Fat and relative % on weight
› Volume of Abdominal Body Fat
› Volume of Lean Mass and relative % on weight
› Waist-to-Height Ratio %
› Water Volume and relative % on weight (Total water assuming normal hydration state)
› Metabolic Information and Cardio-Metabolic Risk
› Basal Metabolism (Kcal)
› T.E.E. Energy expenditure at 6 levels

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› Accurate measurements of specific cross-sectional areas and physiological derivatives
› Chest diameter (cm)
› Waist diameter (cm)
› Hip diameter (cm)
› Thigh diameter (cm)
› Calf diameter (cm)
› Diameters at any height level of the subject
› Free measurements between 2 selected points (e.g. hip-knee, neck, etc.)
› Complete and easily interpretable reports suitable for the patient's needs
› Diametro Petto (cm)
› Diametro vita (cm)
› Diametro Fianchi (cm)
› Diametro coscia (cm)
› Diametro polpaccio (cm)
› Diametri su qualsiasi livello di altezza del soggetto
› Misure libere tra 2 punti selezionati (es. anca-ginocchio, collo, etc)
› Report completi e facilmente interpretabili adatti
alle esigenze del paziente

In particular, the measured value of total and abdominal adipose component places this method at a level comparable to that offered by much more expensive technologies such as DXA.

Cutting-edge technology.

The continuous development and research by Pixelcando led in 2020 to achieve one of the highest points represented by further improvement on reading and analyzing digital images - a significant step that allowed achieving the goal of highly correlated results with DEXA and hydrostatic weighing in individuals with various body types.

Digital Image Densitometry (DiP) is the latest generation technology that best represents FitYourOutfit's DNA.

Behind this unprecedented non-invasive method, which can be used without the purchase of any device but with the help of a simple smartphone/tablet, lies FitYourOutfit's technological progress that allows estimates of various body components to be processed even without any contact with the patient and in any condition.

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I vantaggi del FYO


› Easy and fast execution of analysis
› High accuracy
› Automatic Follow Up
› No patient preparation required
› No device purchase required
› Easily interpretable results
› Transportable anywhere - just need a smartphone or tablet
› Tests transmitted directly to FYO MANAGEMENT to manage your patient database
› No investment required

Completely automated and independent of operator skills.
The system can be licensed as an API to a powerful cloud-based processing service.

Complete automation eliminates operator errors, improves repeatability and accuracy.